Monthly Archives: January 2013

Spring is coming!

Wonderful to see the spring flowers growing! We are escaping cold and grey!




Been twitter hacked

To update this story, my mothers email was hacked. She is one of the many from yahoo hell, but for once, we saw an upside.

Due to the hacking, she was contacted by people she hasn’t heard from for ages, she has a dinner date planned, has found out about births, deaths and marriages, and got to re connect to long lost friends.

So the moral of this story, hacking doesn’t have to be all bad, everything can have a silver lining!

For the first time, I have been twitter hacked… What upsets me I that now it appears I am obsessed with weird weight lose sites, I AM NOT!

If you want to lose weight I suggest you speak to my sister, as a personal trainer, and nutritionist, she helps you change the way you live to make weight lose sustainable, diets and quick tricks don’t work, understanding food, exercise, and health does.

If you get a message for me on twitter saying “have you seen this picture of you lol” DO NOT OPEN! It’s a hack.

Selling on Saatchi online

Dear friends,

I am now selling reproductions on Saatchi online. If you are on it, let me know and friend me!

Original artwork available direct from me, so let me know and come and have a studio visit!


Snow day and iPad apps

The great bit of snow days is being able to spend the day taking pictures of the lovely landscape and setting up new art projects.

Today I have sorted 2 people to do different photography projects with, planned completing some work, and booked in to go to the Decorative Arts Fair next week.





London Art Fair

Last night I went to the private view of the London Art Fair. There is so much to see, so if you go, give yourself time!
The is some amazing and inspirational work challenging materials, show casing skills, diversity of subject matter, and how new technology can be used for visual good… And also some not so good… But that’s what is so great about seeing shows with such a large amount of art under one roof!

My favourite was this painting by Chris Busge RSW ‘summer rain, oronsay’, showed by Panter & Hall.