Monthly Archives: March 2013

Volunteering at Alton

Today an amazing lady collected her 100 hours volunteering certificate from The Alton lions.

Megan volunteers and works at Alton, her knowledge of photography is invaluable to our students, and we thank her!



S4SC Showcase

It’s been super interesting at S4CS Showcase. Met some great people.

Especially love the jewellery of The Gilded lab, gift cards by a strange Fruit, and the creative agency The Refinery.

And no day can be great without a storm troop!





Short listed for a contest with The Print Space! Vote for me!

I have been short listed for a photography contest with The Print Space!

The image is one I took on a recent trip to dubia of a new construction obscured by sand dunes.

Hope you like it and please vote via the print space!


Susan Prout and her amazing bags!

At The Start Up Showcase, supporting my friend Susan Prout. Super proud of her work!

if you want bespoke, leather, handmade bags, belts and accessories, then contact her, and check out her website, or come and visit over the next few days at Somerset House.,



Refinding: introducing students to friends

I love it when you are talking through students ideas and helping guide them to get inspired and you re find an artists work that you had forgotten.

Today was Pamela Davis Kivelson work ‘orange Negative Curvature’.