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Finally finished some paintings!

Finally managed to get into the studio and finish the latest paintings!



The Other Art Fair

Today I went to The Other Art Fair (I am coinciding applying to do it in October). It is a showcase and selling exhibition for independent artists in London.

It was great to see such a range of work, of a high standard, in a commercial setting. Being an artist is a hard career, you have too make, advertise, sell, speak, be an artists, publisher, gallerist and manager! If anyone has done this fair, please give me your opinion of this one. I can’t find how mug it costs to do.

My favourites:
Mark Powell’s fantastic Biro Drawings (
Toni Gallagher’s X-ray work, and inflatable dolls doing synchronised swimming (
Ben Gooding’s intricate, yet simplistic drawings (



Roy Lichenstein exhibition

Yesterday I went to see the Lichenstein exhibition at Tate Britain. I love his work for its bold, simplistic style paintings. I most enjoyed the pieces based on the everyday moments and objects, like “Alka Seltzer,” 1966, and “the Ring (engagement)”.

They make me think of order, control and neatness (with the repetitive dots), as well as something fun, whimsical and vibrant (with the colours and subjects).

I feel this type of work is very mood dependant, I went to the exhibition on a sunny, busy Saturday, with a friend, I wonder how different I will read the work on a quiet day, where I can take longer with each piece and reflect on meanings. And somewhere there needs a rant about over crowded exhibits where you can’t really see the work through people, verses the brilliance that art has become so much more accessible, but that is for another day!

Somehow I forgot that his work is painting and not printmaking. I don’t think I have really looked at it since school, Pop art didn’t interest me then, but now I think of the skill required to create this work, the wonderful order, the understanding of colours. This work has had so much influence on other areas such as fashion, and styling.

I love it for no other reason than that most of the work in this exhibition is fun, and it makes me want to go and try.

Here are a few sources if you want a look further into this artist!
(Alka seltzer imageTaken from web source Matt McClain / For The Washington Post,



Finally got into the studio

I finally got into the studio for a short time today, but it was great!

It reminded me of the requirement to assign time each week to make work. It is good for the soul, and your art practise. It is very easy to get caught up in life’s requirements, but if you aren’t healthy, then you won’t be functioning at your best! So go make some work! Even if it is just the first brush stroke on a canvas!


Next thank you, for my food, Susan Prout rocks!

My friend is a talented handbag designer (, can also cook (with her brother) and very kindly catered my wedding.
Here are a few photos of what above and beyond the call of friendship duty looks like… Sorry if it makes you very hungry!







Pheasant shooting and Snapseed experiments

Went out today to try to capture a magical tree, but alas the weather is not with me! Going to try one last time at mid day! But it wasn’t a complete waste of a holiday morning as I did get a few shots, that I have been playing with using Snapseed, a free photo editing app.

Thus far it seems pretty simple to use for little experiments. Think you could make some interesting gift card images or photoscreen print images using apps like this.

If anyone has advise on other iPad apps to use please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!





The magic tree from yesterday.