Roy Lichenstein exhibition


Yesterday I went to see the Lichenstein exhibition at Tate Britain. I love his work for its bold, simplistic style paintings. I most enjoyed the pieces based on the everyday moments and objects, like “Alka Seltzer,” 1966, and “the Ring (engagement)”.

They make me think of order, control and neatness (with the repetitive dots), as well as something fun, whimsical and vibrant (with the colours and subjects).

I feel this type of work is very mood dependant, I went to the exhibition on a sunny, busy Saturday, with a friend, I wonder how different I will read the work on a quiet day, where I can take longer with each piece and reflect on meanings. And somewhere there needs a rant about over crowded exhibits where you can’t really see the work through people, verses the brilliance that art has become so much more accessible, but that is for another day!

Somehow I forgot that his work is painting and not printmaking. I don’t think I have really looked at it since school, Pop art didn’t interest me then, but now I think of the skill required to create this work, the wonderful order, the understanding of colours. This work has had so much influence on other areas such as fashion, and styling.

I love it for no other reason than that most of the work in this exhibition is fun, and it makes me want to go and try.

Here are a few sources if you want a look further into this artist!
(Alka seltzer imageTaken from web source Matt McClain / For The Washington Post,



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