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London’s pretty flowers

Today I took a little walk around the streets where I live. Here are some of the photographs of the roses people have in their front gardens. It’s wonderful to see the diversity of varieties and colours, and how much people’s effort makes a street nicer.
So I would like to thank all the people who grow these gorgeous flowers and hope you enjoy the pictures!



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20 Things I learned from Alt NYC (and some drop-dead-gorgeous photos)

This is20 things all creatives should keep in mind!



hello everyone!

I’m back from my trip to NYC and Brooklyn.  my time there was full and busy to say the least.  I feel like my eyes, heart, and mind have had a sumptuous feast.
I attended the Altitude Summit conference, hosted at the Martha Stewart HQ.  My goodness.  Everything about that event was well thought out, informative, and completely beautiful!
We heard from two incredible keynote speakers, Garance Doré and Grace Bonney of Design Sponge as well as several other inspirational people with amazing stories.  I left each session with a full mind and with my creativity soaring!

I won’t share allll of my notes with you (that would be absurd…) but I did notice some common threads in the talks.

Here are the top 20 things I learned from Alt NYC:quote1quote2quote4quote5quote6


7. find out what you love, what you are uniquely gifted in, and go after it.

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Amazing views!

Today I played tourist with my father and visited The Shard. Even though the weather was not great for the outing (humid, smog, white light), it was a wonderful experience! The staff are great, it’s wasn’t as scary or overcrowded as I assumed, and what can I say… London is amazing from that high!

Here are a few pictures taken on my iPhone and edited on snap seed.