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Walking through Hyde Park on a rainy day.

Whenever I walk through a London Park I am reminded how lucky we are to have so much nature and beauty in a city. I always feel that it is a lucky gift to see a Heron, I don’t know why I think that, but I like the idea so am going to keep it. Even in the rain it is a beautiful place!

“Heron with its reflection”

“Deck chairs in the rain”

“Heron watching the empty boats”.

“Empty boats”

“Heron on the chain”

“Serpentine Cafe with birds swimming”

“Mother Swan”

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The Serpentine Pavilion 13

“It is a really fundamental question how architecture is different from nature, or how architecture could be part of nature, or how they could be merged…what are the boundaries between nature and artificial things.” Sou Fujimoto

Yesterday I finally got around to see this years a pavilion. As I approached I was underwhelmed by the size. From brief glimpses on the Internet I thought it would be bigger, more consuming. As I walked around I became less sure of its mass. it is deceptive, with layers, levels and stairs. I feel I need to go back in different weather and at different times to see how it alters the structure. I have the impression this is part of the work. Aesthetically I like the basic shapes of lines and circles, and the white and grey sitting quietly, yet boldly in the space.
For further information visit the Serpentine Website:

Inside the gallery is the work of Sturtevant. This exhibition shows her works from 1970.
“Central to her thinking is the relationship between repetition and difference. The works are not ‘copies’ but probe beyond the surface to demonstrate the power of Gilles Deleuze and Michel Foucault’s thinking about repetition.” (Taken from the website). This work reminded me of my past exhibition re:09.03 where I used old damaged videos from my youth to consider the idea of past images being present in your memories.

Here is a piece that is created from the idea of using past images to create new works, and images of the pavilion.


When it all goes wrong

It started out so well, a new culinary experiment! stuff a giant mushroom with spinach, bread and cheese, and the old favourite if chicken thigh cooked in a bacon, tomato sauce… It was going so well…


And then I attempted my first experiment in a baked desert. It sounded so good, a raspberry and dark chocolate cake. It looked so good! But looks are very deceiving in this case. It was rubbery, dry, bitty, sour, and so bad we actually spat it out…

Moral of the story, it is ok to experiment but have some basic clue of what you are doing, and make sure you can get to a shop for a replacement!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

This photograph I took a few years ago, but have been re looking at today. I think it is a masterpiece because this is an unedited “holiday snap” that was taken in Angouleme, France last year, For me it is real, and surreal in one space.

The city house many amazing pieces of street art, as well as Comic book art museum.

The joy of street art is you come across whilst wondering, and it makes your double take reality.

The Power Of Quiet

Lovely moving illustration!

101 Books

I apologize if this is a little off topic today. I don’t normally post about nonfiction here at 101 Books. But as an introvert, I find this both fascinating and encouraging.

Susan Cain is a nonfiction author who wrote a book called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking. I haven’t read it, but from what I understand she outlines what it’s like for an introvert to live in a world built around extroverts.

I love these types of animated videos, and I find this one especially effective. You might also remember the short animated video of The Old Man and the Sea in this style.

Anyway, this voiceover comes from Cain’s Ted Talk about the book. RSA took that audio and put it over an awesome little animated feature.

If you are an introvert, or if you know an introvert, definitely take the three…

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Healthy eating our favourite things

We wanted pizza for dinner so instead of buying one, I made it! fresh ingredients (even herbs from the garden) low salt and sugar ( the base recipe wanted 4 times more than I put in and I really don’t think it needed it!) and I have to say, delicious! So I have blogged about it. If you want my recipe let me know!