The Serpentine Pavilion 13

“It is a really fundamental question how architecture is different from nature, or how architecture could be part of nature, or how they could be merged…what are the boundaries between nature and artificial things.” Sou Fujimoto

Yesterday I finally got around to see this years a pavilion. As I approached I was underwhelmed by the size. From brief glimpses on the Internet I thought it would be bigger, more consuming. As I walked around I became less sure of its mass. it is deceptive, with layers, levels and stairs. I feel I need to go back in different weather and at different times to see how it alters the structure. I have the impression this is part of the work. Aesthetically I like the basic shapes of lines and circles, and the white and grey sitting quietly, yet boldly in the space.
For further information visit the Serpentine Website:

Inside the gallery is the work of Sturtevant. This exhibition shows her works from 1970.
“Central to her thinking is the relationship between repetition and difference. The works are not ‘copies’ but probe beyond the surface to demonstrate the power of Gilles Deleuze and Michel Foucault’s thinking about repetition.” (Taken from the website). This work reminded me of my past exhibition re:09.03 where I used old damaged videos from my youth to consider the idea of past images being present in your memories.

Here is a piece that is created from the idea of using past images to create new works, and images of the pavilion.


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