Venn Street Market

Today I visited the Venn Street Market to get my veggies and a little lunch. I love food markets, their vibrancy, the fresh products, and the choice. My two favourites from today are M Moen and Son’s the butchers and A G Brockman’s organic veggies. Here are a couple of pictures! If you get a…

Saturday addiction 4 – glass

Today’s addiction is a few picture from the glass room at the V and A. To start with this area is worth a visit as it is usually quiet and peaceful and full of display cabinets brimming with glass from every era and place you can think of! Why I like glass? I love how…

Saturday addiction 3 – form and function

DAVID BROOKS: PICNIC GROVE I love how at first it looks like a bunch of picnics tables together but the closer you get, and more you look you see that they have been altered to fit the environment, with holes for the trees to grow through. Longer or shorter legs to allow for the altering…

Saturday addiction 2 – a space for thought

SEAN HENRY: FOLLY (THE OTHER SELF) I found there was something really appealing about this work. It made me want to go up and interact with it. The figures are so life like in features, but out of proportion, they are bigger than they should be, it makes it quite uncomfortable, slightly intimidating, or belittling….

Second hand books

In the time of Kindle and iBooks it lovely to see the second hand books stall at Southbank still attracting attention. There is something about holding a book. The feel, the smell, the age, the size, each one is different. A book gets damaged, worn, aged. You can interact with it because it is tactile….

50×100 Abstract series – “Primary 1-4”

“Primary 1-4” are the latest paintings in my abstract series. The abstract series uses “rules”, always with 3 parts. I start with expressive mark making, trying to be free and unedited in working through an idea, or emotion. The second layer is about control emotions, forcing order, and form. The paintings are varnished.