Saturday addiction 1- work I like highlight

This was supposed to be called Saturday Addition, but my dyslexia turned it to addiction, and I think that works Better, as i feel more documenting and hoarding of images, and information on exhibitions i have been to and work i have seen is a bit of an addiction! The aim is to post each Saturday on a piece of work, or body of work, I have found, love, or hate. It is a space for me to keep researching and looking outward to help me reflect inward on my own work.

The first piece I am looking at I originally saw many years ago, and have recently been back to see. “It Pays to Pray” by ROSE FINN-KELCEY (1999) is exhibited at Cass Sculpture Park. This work is an interactive series of machines, similar in structure to a confectionary machine. You insert 20p and select a “prayer” like you would a chocolate. Each prayer is named after a chocolate bar (I chose bounty because the advert says it is “the taste of paradise”). At the end of the prefer you get your money back.



I love work that is interactive, I feel like I am part of it, that by participating I am being given a gift, insight or knowledge, that I wouldn’t get as a passive observer. This work is interactive, it is based on confectionary machines (which we all love). It taps into that wonderful feeling when you put your money in and the machine gives you too much change, it feels like you have a little victory against the system, getting something for free when we know that nothing comes for free, and nor is this free. You give trust (our 20p) and time to the machine, we get the gift of the prayer and the participation in a piece of art.

I love the ageing of the work through the names of the chocolate bars. It gives a wont full sense of nostalgia. The beauty of the rose tinting that looking back on the past does.

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