Beautiful England but where have all the butterflies gone?

When I was a child I remember butterflies, red admirals, peacocks, tortoiseshell (and cabbage whites). I hardly ever see any now, and blame the chemicals used in agriculture etc. BUT on my trip to Goodwood I was delighted to find lots in a giant Buddleja bush and more in a near by field!

I love these creatures for their pattern, colour and energy, and am making it my mission to encourage them into my little garden in London.

If anyone has got any advice on what to plant, or how to get them to live there, let me know!


© 2013




© 2013

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  1. Anne Foster says:

    Hi my name is Anne, and I am in Australia, I remember seeing large colourful butterflies as a child, and I have not seen any for about 40 years. There is no talk about them becoming an endangered species or anything is there?

  2. Anne Foster says:

    Hi Anne again here.
    Just read that Dill and Milk Weed attract butterflies, hope that helps.

    1. Thanks Anne! Will be planting my new garden soon!

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