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Apps and exploring

The best part of new technology is wherever you are, with the help of a smart phone, you can experiment with images. (I love my iPhone)

Here are a few images from Friday. They were taken in Battersea Park, London, and edited using Reflection, Snapseed and Pic Stitch.

My practise is based on process. the process of manipulating an image and seeing what works. It is the essence of art, that though 2 images may be create using the same rules, one you will like more than the other ‘just because’.


20131028-084548.jpgThis work is created by Sophie Mayer

Saturday addition 12: The Affordable Art Fair

This addition is a bit late because I have found it hard to write. It is not supposed to sound bitter, but me asking questions of myself, and hopping for advise or comments from the reader.

Yestrday I went to the Affordable Art Fair at Battersea Park, London. I have been meaning to go for years but never quite got roud it it.

The fair is a collection of galleries selling “affordable” artwork as the name implies. Different from other fairs with works being tens of thousands, a large amount of the work I thought was reasonably priced in relation to the fair costs, time, materials, and skill required at create them.

My issue with writing this post, is that this is where I want to be in my artistic career. I want to be selling my work, this is is the price range I feel is morally and economically viable. My question is how do you “get in”?

I read many blogs on how to market yourself, networking, getting a niche for yourself and your work. My problem, I hate selling myself, and my “niche” is that I love doing everything, the subject of my work is re looking, questioning, and responding to what is around me, the idea that you can have many ideas at once, but only ever concentrate on one thing at a time.

The fair left me envious of those artists I feel are equal to me and how they have”made it”, more driven to try to network and develop my career better, and the usual art lust.

For pictures (as we always need something to look at) I share my top 3 artists/works/galleries from the show (the art lust) all the images are from the gallery websites and not taken my me. If you get a chance go and have a look for yourself! There is so much work to see!

Saliha Elhoussaini at the Red Gallery (Image taken from the galleries website) (L10)

This work gives me total art envy, I wish i had the patience and concentration! It is the most beautiful piece of paper art, created on tracing paper, the pin pricks give the paper the impression of it being a thick, luxurious fabric, skill, class, gorgeous!

Frank De Graaf’s photography at Ronen Art Gallery (D1) (image taken from the gallery website)

20131026-101251.jpgAgain art envy, from the quality, richness and textures of the photography, to the finish of the print, and the historical context of the Dutch painting style reinterpreted in a contemporary manner, I would love one of this artists amazing pieces!

Grant Legassick at Magnum Opus Fine Art (image for the gallery website)

20131026-101841.jpgThe image I loved the most is not on there website. It is a Photographic print taken in Westminster. It is multiple images taken in black and white layered over each other and give the impression of a fine, delicate pencil drawing, of time, of the movement and speed of London. His work is varied and amazing, working with photography and digital media.

Saturday Addition 11: The Other Art Fair

“Now in its 5th edition, The Other Art Fair has firmly established itself as the only event art buyers of all experiences and tastes need attend, to buy directly from over 100 of the most talented, unrepresented artists.

Coinciding with Frieze Week, the most important date in London’s art calendar, as well as sharing our new East London home, The Old Truman Brewery, with The Moniker Art Fair, the fair this October will present an art buying experience like no other.

2 fairs, over 100 unrepresented artists, 20 innovative galleries, 1 weekend!”

Yesterday I headed to east London to check out The Other Art Fair. The Other Art Fair is a paid fair for artists like me, although I haven’t yet mustered the courage or funds to apply! It is great in that it puts artists at the centre of their commercial practice, has a large audience so you don’t have to worry about nobody coming to your show, and a great way to see others work, and speak to the artists. It is also cheaper than Frieze and has more work you actually want and be able to afford.

I loved loads of the art displayed but will highlight just few and encourage you to go and see for yourself!

Mark Powell:
I have been aware of his work for a while now and still love it, and am interested in how he is professionally progressing. I saw his work last year and chatted to him on his stand. He creates beautiful detailed portraits with Biro on found paper. He is exhibiting within the show, but also at the Ben Sherman shop nearby, and has an image on the Fair bags.
All images from his website:


Hitomi Kammai.
Hitomi firstly took the time to talk to me, and secondly has interesting and beautiful work. She is exhibiting paintings along side what I would describe as movement work. She told me she is interested in inventions and has manipulated music boxes into moving illustrations. Along side these she us showing other works as video pieces. I love her varied practise that all seems to convey a feeling of movement. All images from her website


Other artists I loved:
The illustrations/drawings by Damilola
The paintings, friendliness and shared exhibition space of Rod McIntosh
The “typewriter artist Keira Rathbone,
The photographs of Juliana Manara , Nicholas Gentilli and Maria Konstanse Bruun

Also worth taking a look as another show taking place a few doors up by graduates from Northumbria University! Just because it isn’t part of the show doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of your time, and it’s free!

Images taken from the artists website not by me, blog content written by me ©

New blog – Little Stories by Sophie

I have a new blog/art work!

Little Stories by Sophie is a story telling art project.

I am interested in image and text together, and am using this as a way of exploring ideas. Within my art practise I use photography and illustration, and this blog is my virtual studio for experimenting and working out ideas using images and story telling.

The work is created either image first, or text first. Image first uses past images, or images that I feel have potential for stories behind them. The text first stories are created when something happens and I take an image to support that.

This project came about because:
I have geen teaching more illustration and graphics and wanted to explore them as materials for myself.
I needed a new focus for developing my work.
And because through a series of artists research, and conversations with others, the idea of story telling keeps appearing.

The project started on a misty train platform one morning with a series of announcements over the station tannoy.

I hope you check it out!

This work is created by Sophie Mayer