Monthly Archives: December 2013

The year end deserves a new recipe!

one small onion chopped finely, one clove of smoked garlic chopped, one chicken stock packet, lots of black pepper, a bit of water, a knob of butter, stirred up in a pan until the onion turns clear;

one Jerusalem artichoke, one portabello mushroom, chopped and in the pan, then a little more water and stir up until they are soft

Put a large spoon of cream and some milk in the blender and it’s done!


Harry Potter, magic and amazing art

Today I went to Warner Brothers, The Harry Potter experience.

It surprised me, I know little about the world of film, and was happily amazed by the skill and wonder of the art show that is the Harry Potter Experience! There are drawings, making, science, imagination, and a sprinkle of hope and dream.

I think that is the wonder of the story, as well as the industry. It reminded me of the power of imagination and a lot of work!

Here are a few images from it, and next time you watch a film, look at the work behind it, there are a large amount of “Art” that happens to make it live.