Saturday Addition: 18.01.14

The London Art Fair 2014, vast, overwhelming, underwhelming, amazing, exhausting and interesting. Worth a look but give yourself time as there is so much to see! During my visit I went to a talk on
Eric Ravilious: Modern British Art and Nostalgia – a discussion with Alan Powers and Neil Jennings”. The discussion showed a brief history of publications on the artist, nostalgia within art, they touched upon the reasonings for his popularity, and discussed the cost of his work now, and price prediction.

This discussion left me with the follow thoughts:
They highlighted landscape artists not putting people within their images, and this made me think about house selling programs saying to remove your identity (personal images) so that the buyers can imagine themselves in the spaces. I can imagine myself wandering alone through his landscape. Is this because I do not have a capacity to remove others, or because I can only daydream alone? There is an idea here that I need to think on more.

Nostalgia, and the idea behind the work. I think I sometimes try to find more meaning than there is within my work, but don’t require meaning necessarily in others. I am happy to look at someone else’s painting and just enjoy it, but have a feeling of justifying my own work by giving it a meaning, or maybe I am trying to understand myself better.

What is fashionable, what is it to be in fashion, and how art moves in and out of fashion, and how does subjectivity fit within this. Again an idea I need to think on more.

It was a very interesting talk, and not something I would usually go to, so my advise is go to talks because it will get you thinking, even if it is not completely about the subject of the talk….

20140118-084452.jpg(image taken from

And now to the contemporary! Here are a few images of some of the work I liked that I will be showing my students to try to inspire them.





This blog is written by Sophie Mayer, the photographs are taken with permission for the gallery and not for reproduction.

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Addition: 18.01.14

  1. Very interesting,,, I like the Ravilious landscape. A year or two ago I saw an exhibition, ‘Watercolour’, at the Tate, with works by people such as Ravilious, Burra, Nash. Not restricted to landscapes, but the unpeopled landscapes were what drew my eye.

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