Daily blogging research 1: Daniel Lakatos

Today, and for the next few days, I am sharing my research into “daily blogging”. This started as me trying to do a Saturday addition on daily blogging by asking a few bloggers some questions, but I think there responses are worth a blog each. So firstly thank you to them for their time.

One of my goals for this year was to start and maintain a daily blog (LU.N.C.H.) and this has led me to find other daily blogs, so today is the start of a daily post for the next few days where I share my findings, and a few questions answered by some lovely people I have met in this virtual world.

My research is into the motivation and inspiration to run a daily blog, and I have started with asking a few people questions into their motivation and inspiration.

I start with Daniel Lakatos at Photodiary365.com.
The reason for selecting this blog;
1) I love the images
2) Then I realised that there are images that are I similar to mine (14.01.10)
3) Then I realised the format is similar to mine as well

So I think the overriding attraction is my own narcissism and the feeling that what I am doing has to be interesting to somebody, if I see similarities in others work.

Daniel’s Q&A
Why are you doing a blog that post daily?

I study photography in a contemporary art school in Hungary, so I take photos as often as I can. I think this project could help me to improve my skills (such as visual communication and techniques), and I can express myself in an easy way. It’s not easy to shoot every single day, but I will insistence on it.
So, the blog and the pictures describes me, even so I am really happy, if other people like it.

What do you find inspires you for the content of the posts?

Most of the posts are street photographs, because it’s my favorite genre of photography. I love walking on the street and taking pictures about interesting people and places. I am searching for the decisive moments, but it’s hard to find every day, so I keep searching for it.

What others blogs or projects have inspired you?

Of course there are a lot of 365 days projects, but few of them meet with my style. There is a photoblog, which inspired me most, which is running since 2006 December (http://www.1day1photo.com).

What do you think you get out of it?

I hope I will finish my current project in 365 days and maybe I will launch another (and another and so on J ) projects in the future. I think photographing is a kind of lifestyle, so we can never quit.


Thank you Daniel for your time and answers!

Tomorrow I will be posting the answer to these questions from another blog, and at the end of this process I hope to have a little more clarity, and inspiration to continue. I hope you have found this interesting.

Interview and images kindly given by Daniel Lakatos at www.Photodiary365.com.
This work is created by Sophie Mayer

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East sussex based artists, photographer and art teacher. Inspiration, Education and Wellbeing and the core of The Arts School where I teach a range of courses to develop your confidence, knowledge and skills. My own work reflects the world around me. I love collaboration so contact me to see how we can work together www.sophiedouglas.org.uk

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