Daily blogging research 2: Alli Lipsher

Today I am looking at Alli Lipsher from All You Keep is the Journey https://alipsher.wordpress.com

The reason I selected this blog:
1) The first post I saw from this blog was from January 15th and reads “Spent evening barefoot in the kitchen” with an image of humous. This is the stuff that is good for your soul, it just made me happy. I identify with idea of simple act of being barefoot combined with an image of a food that is both simple and exotic.
2) I love the diversity of image and text in both style and composition, whilst at the same time being confined by strict rules (only 6 words).
3) I like the premiss of the blog; the idea that all you keep is the journey is something close to my heart, and the rules, an image with 6 words reminds me how much can be said with few words.

Ali’s Q&A
Why are you doing a blog that post daily?
I am taking one picture a day from my life and captioning it with a six word memoir for each day. I think a photo and six words makes you focus on what’s important about that day. I’ve always kept a sporadic journal and enjoyed going back and taking a peek at my own story. It’s so easy to get swept up en route to a destiantion and I think that it’s equally important to be able to read the story along the way. This is my way of doing that. So much is different about me, my life, everything, compared to a year ago, and now I get to see that unfold.

What do you find inspires you for the content of the posts?
Every time I see something that makes me stop, or think, or takes my breath away, I want to remember it. I am the annoying friend who is always taking pictures anyway, so this wasn’t a hard task for me, the hard part most of the time is thinking about how to sum up my day or my feelings in six words.

What others blogs or projects have inspired you?
SMITH Magazine’s Six Word Memoirs, are where I first heard about or read a six word memoir, and they really resonated with me. As Shakespeare said “Brevity is the soul of wit” which is so true (and coincidentally six words). There have been a lot of time-lapse blogs that I’ve come across that I enjoy. Honestly anything that tells a story I want to hear, as simplistic as that sounds. I’m also an avid runner so blogs like Shut Up and Run as well as other running/health/nutrition blogs are interesting to me.

What do you think you get out of it?
I get a little bit of motivation every day to pay attention to what is going on around me, and think about what it means to me, whether it’s important or noteworthy. I like how cognizant of my own life that this project is making me, because it’s also helped keep me in tune with my friends and family’s lives as well. It’s given people I don’t keep in touch with (because I’m terrible at keeping in touch with people) a way to keep tabs on me and provide a conversation starter to catching-up. After a year it will have given me 365 photographs and 2,190 words to remember what happened from the day I embarked on a sporadic trip to New Zealand last May to wherever it is that I end up about four months from now!


Thank you Alli for your time and answers!

If you missed why I have written this post then here is a quick summery:
1) research into 365 blogs to inform and inspire my own (L.U.N.C.H.)
2) Virtually meet new people
3) Share blogs I have found and really like both as a record for myself, and for others to find their work.

Thanks for reading!

Images and interview kindly given by Alli Lipsher from All You Keep is the Journey https://alipsher.wordpress.com

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