Daily blogging research 4: The Queen stitch aka Louise

Today I am looking at Louise Sutherland from http://thequeenstitch.com

The reason I selected this blog:
1) some great photographs and reminded me of other work by a friend Arnab Ghosh (photographing strangers). This is a subject I am interested in.
2) The openness of her comments
3) I love her textile/stitch work, simple, clear, aesthetic, tactile, lush

Louise’s Q&A
Why are you doing a blog that post daily?

My friend, illustrator Merinda Wilson, completed a 365 Day project in 2013, and following her project really inspired me. I then decided to start my own project on Jan 1, “365 Days or portraits”, as I liked the idea of committing to a daily goal and fits with my ongoing quest to do one creative thing a day.

What do you find inspires you for the content of the posts?

My project is to take a photo of a stranger every day, so it really makes you look at the world in a different way. Every person you pass is a potential subject. I admit that as I am in the early days of the project, a lot of my subjects are people I think look approachable and won’t reject me! But I try to use a variety of subjects in age, gender and location so that it keeps the project varied. So really, everything is my inspiration as you have to be on the lookout all the time.

What others blogs or projects have inspired you?

As I mentioned before, Merinda from Hello Lemon (http://hellolemon.com/blogs/news) completed her own 365 Day Project last year. She was my inspiration for starting my own project. To do an illustration a day is a huge task, and I like to remind myself of that when I start to procrastinate about having to take a simple photo!

What do you think you get out of it?

Originally it was just to give me regular blog content and improve my photography skills. However I’m already seeing that it’s going to help my own personal growth by assisting me overcome anxiety about approaching strangers. Also, from a social point of view, it’s kind of lovely to think that during the year I’m going to meet 365 new people that I never would have even made eye contact with. I get little glimpses into their lives, and it makes me happy! It’s really made me aware of how little we interact with others and how shockingly insular modern society is.


Thanks for reading!

Images and interview kindly given by Louise Sutherland from http://thequeenstitch.com

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