Butterflies at The Natural History Museum


If anyone is feeling down and blue, I have just the thing you you…

The magical butterfly exhibition at the Natural History Museum!

Apart from the fact it’s a like stepping into a tropical rainforest of warm loveliness, butterflies are good for the soul.


20140510-074502.jpgYou don’t have to be an artist to appreciate and enjoy the vibrant to delicate range of colours and patterns created in nature. Very inspiring!




“Spot species from around the world, fluttering above you and among the dense foliage.

Learn about the magical metamorphosis of these fragile creatures as you make your way through the exhibition, which also includes fun interactive displays for children….

Experience in close-up more than 50 live butterfly and moth species from around the world, including the brilliant blue morpho and spectacular swallowtail.
Learn about eggs and chrysalises, how wings work and the way butterflies use their senses.
Take part in butterfly challenges and follow the trail to collect stamps.
Peep through the hatchery window and watch butterflies and moths emerging from their.”


If you would like to use or share my images, please contact me directly, thanks for looking!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. artmanphotos says:

    This is awesome, isn’t it? I went to one of these a while back when I worked at the V&A. Really mad and amazing stepping into a tropical environment right on your doorstep! And some HUGE butterflies/moths! Brilliant!

    (Now I miss London again…) 🙂

    1. It was an amazing show!

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