Monthly Archives: November 2014

The joy of…

The joy of being an artist is when I get to learn a new skill or two in unlikely places.

As mentioned before, my husband and I are on a long road of waiting in a hospital. He needs a new heart. We are now in critical care at Papworth hospital, he is doing really well, but we are not leaving till he has had a transplant, and it could be a long wait.

So what do I do to pass the time? I can to photograph because he doesn’t want me to, I can’t draw and paint because I am seriously messy, so what to do?

Well I am learning to knit and crochet because I found my grant hers knitting bag!

It’s great therapy, meditation, time wasting, and creating. When I get asked what I am making I say it depends on how long we are here, I hope it doesn’t end as a giant blanket!

Nurses are dropping by to give me lessons and tips. It is very enjoyable in a world that could be very sad.

My lesson to pass on today is to go get yourself a handbag project that teaches you something new, and gives your something nice to touch.

God bless, be happy. Xx


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