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End of 2014

This New Years is different from any other, because this New Years really is a new start.

At the end of November by husband had a heart transplant after just over two years waiting, and three years of being unwell. He is doing great and hoping to be home next week. In the time he was in hospital his nurses taught me to knit and crochet, and I met amazing people.

We have moved to Sussex, and I have my own studio, something I always dreamed of.

What am amazing way to start a new life in a new beautiful place!

Others things I am grateful for this year:
Got to see loved friends get married
Got a to meet friends baby’s who are healthy and gorgeous
Got to see art, music, sport, theatre, and eat some great food
Re confirmed how amazingly wonderful and support my family and friends are.

My end of year thoughts are as follows:

How do you verbalise/articulate gratitude?

Gratitude to the stranger that donated their organs, and the sadness that another family is in grief, a grief we understand slightly having been so close so many times.
Gratitude to the doctors, surgeons, perfusionists, intensivists, anaesthetists, pharmacists, nurses, sisters, matrons, health care assistance,physiotherapists, speech and language therapists,porters , cleaners, caterers, and everyone at Papworth Hospital for saving my husband so many times, for caring so many times, for being amazing and inspiring, kind and loving.
Gratitude that we live in this country with our amazing NHS, I’m not sure I would still have a husband in another country.
Gratitude to our friends and family for being so supportive over the past 3 years
Gratitude for the strangers that we have met in this process. We hope you stay life long friends, and hope we get to watch you all have full and amazing lives!


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