Amazing experience! Hosting Anthony Schrag

A little while ago I saw a friends Facebook spot about an artist doing a pilgrimage from Deveron Arts in Huntly, Scotland, to the Venice Biennelle, by artist Anthony Schrag. I offered to host the artist for the night when he made it down to Kent. Last night we had the priviledge of his company. What a lovely, generous man, project, and concept. I need some time to process, but wanted to share and ask everyone to follow his blog and support the project! Click on all the links for more information! 

My first thoughts: 

The magic of the world! Whilst we discussed the oak tree sapling Anthony is carrying, the sapling of a Jospeh Beuys oak, we were also looking for a postbox, and as we took a turn, there was a big, square, brick and red post box, beneath a giant oak tree! 

The world is full of inspiring, interesting, generous people.

Here are some picks! More writings to follow, I feel I need to go on a long walk! 

The Lure of the Lost

Deveron Arts

Anthony Shrag

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