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You can’t imagine


You can’t imagine 

You can’t describe

The feeling of excitement, guilt, gratitude and pride 

And being naughty , So rebellious!

We are on a plane 

We are actually going 

France on holiday!

And there is nothing wrong with him 

A while more recovery from being so sick

From all the machines 

All the operations , 

All the drugs, 

All the care

But we are here, 

together on a plane 

Because of one persons gift

And lots of doctors, surgeons, nurses, HCAs, 

Physios, nutritionists, radiographers, intensivists, 

ward clarks, cleaners, porters, blood product donors,  

All of them 

They made this moment

You can’t imagine 

You can’t describe

The feeling of excitement guilt, gratitude, love and pride

Sitting on a plane with the man I love

Going on an adventure 



British summer time

growing up my family called it “camping weather… 

   © 2015

Work/life balance- life is winning….

Does anyone else struggle with their work life balance? 
I am trying to catch up on work; photo editing, painting for an upcoming exhibition, and the ongoing sorting of years of projects that need filing, finishing or throwing away! 

But I keep getting distracted with my garden, seeing friends, and walking the dogs! Life is winning, work is losing!

This weekend is writing a plan to fit in everything I want to do! 

 Images from Canterbury Cathedral, Aunty Janets swimming pool, Birling Gap, and Eastbourne Beach© 2015