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Hasting day out



The back off effect

Having actually got up early to take the dogs  to the seaside I got home to deal with a giant marrow I was given.

With it I made: 

  • ginger and narrow jam, 
  • ginger, orange and current cakes
  • froze the spare marrow for later

The extra flour I tried out some rough pastry. Who knew it was so easy! Get flour, frozen butter, salt, pepper and a little water. Grate frozen butter, mix it together, stick it in the fridge for half an hour, make tarts (Filled with homemade marrow chutney and goats cheese) and eat! 

Just call me Sophie Berry!   
© 2015

Al Weiwei responding 

this work is just a pile of metal rods

each has been taken from a building that was constructed on the cheap and collapsed in the 2008 Earthquake

I think the  building was a school

Lots of people died in the twisted metal, part nature part mans greed

The rods have been straightened 
Read more about it


Mini jams

I have a problem, I love mini pots of preserve!

They bring out a feeling of being a child again, they feel special, they are just for you!

And I especially loved having one for breakfast and finding the message in the lid! 

If anyone wants to know what to get me for Christmas, it’s mini jars of preserves! 

X Sophie