Monthly Art Challenge – March

Each month I set a different theme and tasks to help inspire you to draw, paint and create. If you want help just let me know.  

WHAT: March Inspiration – Darkness and Light

TASK 1) This month we focus on looking at working with shadow and light in our drawing
Exercise 1: 5 minute draw: 1 minute only highlights, 1 minute only darkest shadows, and 3 minutes bringing the sketch together.
Excercise 2: Use a lamp to highlight a still life and do quick studies only drawing the light.

TASK 2). Visit an exhibition to inspire you (and tell us about it!)
* Think about using different types of marks, (squiggles, scratching, cross hatch etc.), pressing hard and soft and holding the tool in different ways.
(click to follow the links to their sites)
Hastings Contemporary
Towner Art Gallery
Tate (Modern and Britain)
Royal Academy (Picasso on Paper)

Enjoy and Don’t forget to to share!
#theartsschool #monthlyartchallenge

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East sussex based artists, photographer and art teacher. Inspiration, Education and Wellbeing and the core of The Arts School where I teach a range of courses to develop your confidence, knowledge and skills. My own work reflects the world around me. I love collaboration so contact me to see how we can work together

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