Monthly Art Challenge – April

Each month I set a different theme and tasks to help inspire you to draw, paint and create. If you want help just let me know.

WHAT: April Inspiration – Collage and composition

This is your opportunity to use old magazines and photos to create fabulous pictures exploring composition.

TASK 1) create a series of compositions exploring how you can tell a story through composition of an image.

Don’t know where to start here are some ideas:
Using newspaper to create a landscape and circling or highlight specific worlds to create a narrative

For some inspiration have a look at Henri Matisse, Richard Hamilton, and local artist Cara Nicholls.

TASK 2) Explore virtual galleries!
There is so much work online so let’s use this time to do some deeper research into artists that inspire you!

Enjoy and Don’t forget to to share!

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Published by sophiesart

East sussex based artists, photographer and art teacher. Inspiration, Education and Wellbeing and the core of The Arts School where I teach a range of courses to develop your confidence, knowledge and skills. My own work reflects the world around me. I love collaboration so contact me to see how we can work together

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