The Arts School – monthly art challenge – October


Monthly art challenge theme Light - The Arts School

Monthly Art Challenge.

Each month I set a different theme and tasks to help inspire you to draw, paint and create. If you want help just let me know.  

WHAT: October – Light

At this time of year the light changes – the sun is lower, the tress are changing colours and loosing their leaves, rain is falling creating pools and reflections.

For October we are going to consider light – how to draw and painting it, photograph it, how it moves, and how it affects us.

Task 1:
Glass – you are tasked wth spending 10 minutes drawing a glass object and exploring how to get reflection onto the surface. I do this by using a rubber to remove the marks and create the illusion of light.

Task 2:
Free write for 5 minutes on starting with the theme of light. Free writing helps you to explore an idea, to think around a theme, without editing your thoughts or ideas. If you do not know how to do this – get in touch!

Share in the group, or using the hashtag #theartsschoolmonthlyartchallenge #theartsschool

If you are doing the art challenge then please join the Facebook Group!

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  1. Lovely challenge for the month. All so well thought out and linking one with another. This course is a real gift to all who do it……

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