The Arts School – March News Letter

Observational drawing and painting with Sophie Douglas from The Arts School


Welcome to The Arts School’s March 2021 newsletter.

February 21 day challenge was focusing on exploring materials and I really enjoyed working bigger and with new materials. For March we are going to go a step further and explore looking at the subject NOT the drawing, more details below.

I am still processing what the new rules mean, and aim to visit galleries when I can, when I have figured out what we can do when I will let you know (via another newsletter, and on social media).

In the meantime there are talks every Tuesday with the Pure Arts Group and I will be holding a virtual drawing demonstrate workshop during their Clubhouse (Zoom) on the 4th Monday of the Month (for March, April and May).

CLUBHOUSE APP – heard of it? It’s a new sociel media platform. It is different because: it’s only people talking, you have to be invited, and to gain full access you have to be genuine, follow and participate in talks, and network with people you really have connections with. I will be hosting a SUNDAY BRUNCH at 12.30 lunch each week with Lesley Samms from The Pure Arts group and Gita Joshi from The Curators Salon

If you would like tutorials via ZOOM, FaceTime or WhatsApp video call, GET IN TOUCH. £20/30 minutes, £35/1hour – you can do this individually, or join with others.

I hope you are all well and continuing to create, please let me know if I can support in any way.

Just join in via the Facebook group or WhatsApp.

All the videos from the Facebook lives I recorded last summer are on the Facebook page and you can access them for free any time. CLICK HERE


21 day Challenge MARCH 2021.
WHAT: For 21 days of 10 minutes a day

This month we are focusing on liberating yourself from the concept of the final image being perfect.  Bit “arty”? Let me explain- by not looking at the image you are drawing, but only the subject you are drawing from, you will develop your visual skills in understanding and focusing on the other subject NOT the drawn image; and you will develop your links between your eyes and hands. It will probably look like squiggles, the drawn image may not make sense but this is NOT about the image; it is about developing your observational drawing skills.



You can draw anything you want
You can use any material
There is no right or wrong!
Try to be present as you draw. By this I mean, do not judge yourself, just make marks!

Enjoy yourself!

SHARING your drawings.
Without the accountability of sharing it is much harder to stick to a daily practise, plus there is the additional support, inspiration and group learning that sharing provides.

share via:
Whatsap group
The Virtual Arts School group
Email me

On Instagram?

WHENMARCH 1st – 21st 2021

These images are by Aniko Vigh – please check out her work on INSTAGRAMArtwork by aniko vigh

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East sussex based artists, photographer and art teacher. Inspiration, Education and Wellbeing and the core of The Arts School where I teach a range of courses to develop your confidence, knowledge and skills. My own work reflects the world around me. I love collaboration so contact me to see how we can work together

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