Artists Statement

working on an update!

Last Updated 01.01.14

“Art is my documentation of the world around me.

It may be a response to something I am processing, which results in a piece of art that is physically created, such as a painting, or it may be piece of recording like a photograph or illustration.

I teach art and design alongside creating work, which both inspires and requires me to move through different materials.

Many of my pieces are based in the idea of ‘re’. Re-looking at something, re-working old pieces of work that I feel are not complete, or no longer have a point, or re-addressing an old idea or concept. This has been the basis for previous collaborations and exhibitions.

I am fascinated with how we deal with experiences, and how we communicate with others and use art to question and respond to these ideas.”

Do more, see more, be more.

This work is created by Sophie Douglas


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