Roy Lichenstein exhibition

Yesterday I went to see the Lichenstein exhibition at Tate Britain. I love his work for its bold, simplistic style paintings. I most enjoyed the pieces based on the everyday moments and objects, like “Alka Seltzer,” 1966, and “the Ring (engagement)”. They make me think of order, control and neatness (with the repetitive dots), as…

Finding treasures in Devon

I am currently in Devon, and today it finally stop raining enough for a little exploration. I went to Ark Pottery, run by Vaughan and Angela Glanville. It is a great place, they have a wheel in the shop (where 2 children were being helped to make their own cups), and loads of wonderful pottery!…

London Art Fair

Last night I went to the private view of the London Art Fair. There is so much to see, so if you go, give yourself time! The is some amazing and inspirational work challenging materials, show casing skills, diversity of subject matter, and how new technology can be used for visual good… And also some…

London Art Fair

I would like to thank Bearspace Deptford for emailing me saying I have won free tickets to the private view of the London Art Fair! excited to go, and as I never win anything, I am amazed!

The year for completing old work

A few years ago I started reconstructing past work, files, sketchbooks, paperwork, and hoarded things. This was part of a clearing process both physically and psychologically. I have a problem with throwing things away, I hoard for a rainy day, I see the potential in things to be part of a future piece of art….

Happy New Years!

this year I aim to create a piece of book art by making an image a day. Here’s day one!

Open studio!

Back at the studio, hoping lots of people come! Great fun last night and thanks to those that came!

Tate Britain.

Can’t believe how busy Tate is mid week, and mid exhibition. Glad to see the ‘recession’ isn’t touching them but slightly concerned how I am going to get the students round!