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New year, new project 

Happy New Year one and all; and I hope this is the start of a fantastic, happy and healthy year!

To start the new year I have started a new 365 day project, if you wish to follow please do! 

Thank you! Sophie

The back off effect

Having actually got up early to take the dogs  to the seaside I got home to deal with a giant marrow I was given.

With it I made: 

  • ginger and narrow jam, 
  • ginger, orange and current cakes
  • froze the spare marrow for later

The extra flour I tried out some rough pastry. Who knew it was so easy! Get flour, frozen butter, salt, pepper and a little water. Grate frozen butter, mix it together, stick it in the fridge for half an hour, make tarts (Filled with homemade marrow chutney and goats cheese) and eat! 

Just call me Sophie Berry!   
© 2015

First potatos 

This morning I stood in the rain, with my grandfathers fork, digging my first potatos. 

Now they are washed, blanched, iced and packed and in the freezer for later.  

© 2015


Another end of term, and another end of contract. This year was a one year maternity cover for an a Art and Design BTEC level 3 tutor.

I think this has been my hardest year teaching. This is been a blend of working in a new environment, personal issues effecting my professional life as my husbands continues to wait for a heart transplant, some of the most difficult students I have ever taught, and some of the sweetest students I have ever taught.

It has made me decide to leave teaching formal education and try making a living from my own work. It has helped me be confident in myself, my skills, and my professionalism.

This year I have learnt to say no, understand when I need to stop, give myself a break. Amazingly if you do that, then you have more energy, focus and resolve to get things that need to be done competed, and those that aren’t important you can identify, and let go.

Today my mantras are:
Go out and live it,
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes,
Try, try and try again but…
Know when something is wrong and chose to fix it or leave it behind
Make time to sit with friends and loved one and share a meal

I thank all those that did this year’s journey with me, and wish them luck, happiness and health for the future.

If you would like to use anything from this site then please ask me first!