Daily blogging research 3: Carole Fenton

Today I am looking at Carole Fenton from tumbleweedingblog.wordpress.com. The reason I selected this blog: 1)When I first came across this blog I instantly looked up my birthday to see what had been posted, and felt like I have been given a gift (it is an image of dandelion gone to seed) 2)I love herContinue reading “Daily blogging research 3: Carole Fenton”

Daily blogging research 1: Daniel Lakatos

Today, and for the next few days, I am sharing my research into “daily blogging”. This started as me trying to do a Saturday addition on daily blogging by asking a few bloggers some questions, but I think there responses are worth a blog each. So firstly thank you to them for their time. OneContinue reading “Daily blogging research 1: Daniel Lakatos”

Saturday Addition: 11.01.14

So thus far this year I have actually stuck to some of my year plans! But this has meant a lack of time to write a research post. Therefore today I am going to share my other blog and research. My new year plan was to run a project over a period of time. ThisContinue reading “Saturday Addition: 11.01.14”