New painting 

Today I started on a new painting!  It is an abstract landscape, it shows the movement in asthetics from the work I was producing in London (central row right), influenced by the environment I now live in (the landscape photographs). So far I have done 2 small studies, and started drawing out the large canvas….

Studio day, and a new series is started!

I have started a new painting series because until I have an exhibtion to see the last series all together, I feel I have moved past the meaning of making them. If anyone knows of anywhere I can exhibit 2 large, 3 medium, and lots of small paintings, please contact me! With the new work…

Completed the bricks!

Finally made the final bricks. 25 completed! Now to let them dry, them put them together!

Compositions : re curating past ideas

These three pieces of work only exist as digital images. They are created by past ideas being placed within a new canvas to create “new” work. This work is the start of an idea of how to reconstruct my past work into new work, to complete the work. Let me know what you think!

The year for completing old work

A few years ago I started reconstructing past work, files, sketchbooks, paperwork, and hoarded things. This was part of a clearing process both physically and psychologically. I have a problem with throwing things away, I hoard for a rainy day, I see the potential in things to be part of a future piece of art….