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New painting 

Today I started on a new painting! 

It is an abstract landscape, it shows the movement in asthetics from the work I was producing in London (central row right), influenced by the environment I now live in (the landscape photographs).

So far I have done 2 small studies, and started drawing out the large canvas.

What do you think?

Sophie Douglas©


New year, new project 

Happy New Year one and all; and I hope this is the start of a fantastic, happy and healthy year!

To start the new year I have started a new 365 day project, if you wish to follow please do! 

Thank you! Sophie

Studio day, and a new series is started!

I have started a new painting series because until I have an exhibtion to see the last series all together, I feel I have moved past the meaning of making them. If anyone knows of anywhere I can exhibit 2 large, 3 medium, and lots of small paintings, please contact me!

With the new work I am moving away from the control of the past series, and now trying to use the physicality of the making to help me work through my current life stresses. I still use past work as the starting point (either reworking previous work, or creating a base from previous images).
This is today’s work, each will be titled by the date, or dates of its making. This is “2002 till 16.05.2013”


I am also starting looking at mixing media to create abstracts, still focusing on the the physicality of painting, but also exploring materials over form.

This is “blue paint, vanish and birthday candles”


Thanks for looking! What do you think?