It’s going to be a busy weekend! 

Tonight I will be selling at St Richards Preschool Christmas Fair, Heathfield (7-9pm) and tomorrow will be helping out at Clockbox stand at Windsor Christmas Gift Fair  Come and support (and bring cash!)   © 2015

Windsor Contemporary 

My work will be showing through Clock Box Gallery this weekend at Windsor Contemporary. Pop by and say hello!    

Clockbox gallery

Blog linkPlease take the time to check out the galleriest’s review of my current exhibtion at Clockbox Gallery, and like and support the gallery!   

Al Weiwei responding 

this work is just a pile of metal rods each has been taken from a building that was constructed on the cheap and collapsed in the 2008 Earthquake I think the  building was a school Lots of people died in the twisted metal, part nature part mans greed The rods have been straightened  Read more about…

Clockbox Gallery

So excited to be the currently exhibited artist at Clockbox Gallery! Please support the gallery    © 2015

You can’t imagine

   You can’t imagine  You can’t describe The feeling of excitement, guilt, gratitude and pride  And being naughty , So rebellious! We are on a plane  We are actually going  France on holiday! And there is nothing wrong with him  A while more recovery from being so sick From all the machines  All the operations…