“Look Up” project

“Look Up”

This project  explores life today as a mother of two small children. I don’t have time in my studio, I can’t carry a baby and a camera, I spend hours going for walks or feeding a baby. I worry about my children’s mental health and lack of connection to the environment. I worry about the environment and what will exist when my children are my age. 

I am interested in modern technologies place in creating art.

I have an iPhone and I have an app for that. 

This series of images are photographs taken on an iPhone of trees, and plants ; then manipulated using phone apps. 

The images use colour and cropping to disorientate the viewer into questioning what is real and what is false.

The images are available from me 15 x15 inch’s printed on rag paper as a limited edition run off 100 or from Saatchi Online

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