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Roll up! Roll up!

Our next course is Figurative Drawing on bank holiday Monday August 28th.

The day runs from 10:30-12:30, break of an hour for delicious lunch (let us know dietary requirements at time of booking), then 1:30-3pm we create! 

Course costs £90 and includes materials, and lunch, just bring yourself!

Refer a friend and get 10% off.

We look forward to meeting you!



The Arts School – the start

So I have been quiet because I have been busy! 

1) the boy who will be 7 months old next week, amazing! 

I could spend all day watching him learn the world! The greatest time consumers!

2) The Little Art on the Green, more details next week

And 3) 

I have started an arts school! 

The Arts School will start running day courses in Drawing and Mark making and Reflective Practise. Come and spend the day on a beautiful farm in East Sussex. 60 acres of woods, fields and lakes. A delicious lunch is included, provided by Sam. So excited! A few spaces left for our intro day on July 8th and confirmed dates to follow! 

Visit our website or follow and like our Facebook and Instagram 


Chutney making

Today was my first attempt at chutney making. As I am impatient, and didn’t have all the ingredients to follow one recipe, I mixed a few together as follow’s:

1 medium marrow (about 250g middle seed bit cut out)
Half red onion
3 shallots
1 cooking apple
250g cherry tomatoes
150g of currents
Large pinch of cinnamon, ginger, cumin, turmeric
Small pinch cayanne pepper,black pepper and salt
250ml cider vinegar
150ml water
Lemon juice
250g brown soft sugar

Chop all the fruit and veg up into little chunks

Mix and heat liquids together with sugar and spices until sugar is devolved

Add the rest if the ingredients

Simmer for an hour and a half until the liquid is gone and the mixture is dark and gloopy.

Put into warm jars

First taste was yummy! Now we wait to see how it matures….


Cooking program’s inspire

I love cooking program’s, and recently it has beenThe Great British Bake Off, and Master chef. I love them because they make me want to cook, and they make me feel I can give it a go. I have learnt from these program’s a few basic skills, so tonight I tried a pastry topped pie, with rosemary and thyme in rolled into it, and for my first attempt I am pretty proud of me!


Get cooking! Google has the basics if you don’t have a cook book!
I went for 175g plain flour, 175g butter, about 75ml of water, a big pinch of salt, and a few sprigs of rosemary and thyme, in the blender for a few minutes till it makes a dough, then in the fridge for about half an hour.
Make the pie filling (I just did spinach, chicken, shallots, a few chopped dried apricots).
Roll out the pastry, and keep folding it over on top and rolling out again to get lots of layers.
Pie filling in a pie dish, cut the pastry out to cover the top, paint with milk, sprinkle of cheese, and pop in the oven at 180 for 30 minutes.

I am sure this isn’t the best way, but it tasted good, was really easy, and there is a satisfaction of making something like this from scratch!

When it all goes wrong

It started out so well, a new culinary experiment! stuff a giant mushroom with spinach, bread and cheese, and the old favourite if chicken thigh cooked in a bacon, tomato sauce… It was going so well…


And then I attempted my first experiment in a baked desert. It sounded so good, a raspberry and dark chocolate cake. It looked so good! But looks are very deceiving in this case. It was rubbery, dry, bitty, sour, and so bad we actually spat it out…

Moral of the story, it is ok to experiment but have some basic clue of what you are doing, and make sure you can get to a shop for a replacement!

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