Another end of term, and another end of contract. This year was a one year maternity cover for an a Art and Design BTEC level 3 tutor. I think this has been my hardest year teaching. This is been a blend of working in a new environment, personal issues effecting my professional life as myContinue reading “Endings”

Daily blogging research 4: The Queen stitch aka Louise

Today I am looking at Louise Sutherland from http://thequeenstitch.com The reason I selected this blog: 1) some great photographs and reminded me of other work by a friend Arnab Ghosh (photographing strangers). This is a subject I am interested in. 2) The openness of her comments 3) I love her textile/stitch work, simple, clear, aesthetic,Continue reading “Daily blogging research 4: The Queen stitch aka Louise”

Daily blogging research 2: Alli Lipsher

Today I am looking at Alli Lipsher from All You Keep is the Journey https://alipsher.wordpress.com The reason I selected this blog: 1) The first post I saw from this blog was from January 15th and reads “Spent evening barefoot in the kitchen” with an image of humous. This is the stuff that is good forContinue reading “Daily blogging research 2: Alli Lipsher”

Students projects, and going back to school

As an art and design teacher at a 6th form college I teach my students a way of working through a project, and they often argue that it is pointless, that they should just work on a finished “perfect” idea, and not have to explore all the different ideas, materials and techniques we make themContinue reading “Students projects, and going back to school”