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Lovely morning photographing for Amore Cakes in Eastbourne. Stunning creations, made me very hungry!


Phone box magic.

Great idea! Iconic phone box, used as a mini cafe, supports homeless people.

This one is in Eastbourne by the pier.  

New painting 

Today I started on a new painting! 

It is an abstract landscape, it shows the movement in asthetics from the work I was producing in London (central row right), influenced by the environment I now live in (the landscape photographs).

So far I have done 2 small studies, and started drawing out the large canvas.

What do you think?

Sophie Douglas©www.sophiemayer.com

Work/life balance- life is winning….

Does anyone else struggle with their work life balance? 
I am trying to catch up on work; photo editing, painting for an upcoming exhibition, and the ongoing sorting of years of projects that need filing, finishing or throwing away! 

But I keep getting distracted with my garden, seeing friends, and walking the dogs! Life is winning, work is losing!

This weekend is writing a plan to fit in everything I want to do! 

 Images from Canterbury Cathedral, Aunty Janets swimming pool, Birling Gap, and Eastbourne Beach©www.sophiemayer.com 2015