Saturday Addition 8: Floating cities

Today I am talking about “Paper” at the Saatchi Gallery, Sloane Square, London. “Paper” showcases works on paper from around the world. The work ranges from political, to surreal, to architectural, drawings, paintings, installations and more! It is colourful, and dull, detailed and base. It is all about paper and as an artists that hasContinue reading “Saturday Addition 8: Floating cities”

Saturday addiction 4 – glass

Today’s addiction is a few picture from the glass room at the V and A. To start with this area is worth a visit as it is usually quiet and peaceful and full of display cabinets brimming with glass from every era and place you can think of! Why I like glass? I love howContinue reading “Saturday addiction 4 – glass”

50×100 Abstract series – “Primary 1-4”

“Primary 1-4” are the latest paintings in my abstract series. The abstract series uses “rules”, always with 3 parts. I start with expressive mark making, trying to be free and unedited in working through an idea, or emotion. The second layer is about control emotions, forcing order, and form. The paintings are varnished.

Saturday addiction 1- work I like highlight

This was supposed to be called Saturday Addition, but my dyslexia turned it to addiction, and I think that works Better, as i feel more documenting and hoarding of images, and information on exhibitions i have been to and work i have seen is a bit of an addiction! The aim is to post eachContinue reading “Saturday addiction 1- work I like highlight”

A few days of arty stuff with a friend!

I spent the last few days showing a friend London and doing some art. What a privilege! Here are a few pictures from days out at Tate. My friend and I will be starting a new photographic project taking weekly images. I have a plan for the studio and completing my painting project, getting aContinue reading “A few days of arty stuff with a friend!”

Studio day, and a new series is started!

I have started a new painting series because until I have an exhibtion to see the last series all together, I feel I have moved past the meaning of making them. If anyone knows of anywhere I can exhibit 2 large, 3 medium, and lots of small paintings, please contact me! With the new workContinue reading “Studio day, and a new series is started!”

The Other Art Fair

Today I went to The Other Art Fair (I am coinciding applying to do it in October). It is a showcase and selling exhibition for independent artists in London. It was great to see such a range of work, of a high standard, in a commercial setting. Being an artist is a hard career, youContinue reading “The Other Art Fair”

Finally got into the studio

I finally got into the studio for a short time today, but it was great! It reminded me of the requirement to assign time each week to make work. It is good for the soul, and your art practise. It is very easy to get caught up in life’s requirements, but if you aren’t healthy,Continue reading “Finally got into the studio”