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Wonderful Wisley

We visited the butterfly’s at Wisley today.

 Wonderful to be warm, beautiful flowers, butterfly, colours and structures!

©Sophie Douglas


Losely house

Today I have lunch at Losely House in the Wisteria Tea rooms. followed by a wonder around the beautiful gardens. We did not booked onto a tour of the house this trip, but if you are going it is a great way to learn about the history of the house. 

©Sophie Douglas 2016 

This morning

This morning met and followed the lovely Elise at Florescence

How it happened: Just over two years ago she made the mothers of the bride and groom flowers for my wedding. She did an amazing job and we kept in contact. I little while ago I asked her if I could follow her around and photograph her, and today it finally happened! Here is a little taste of some of the gorgeous images from the flower markets and her workshop. 

If you are getting married, or having an event, check out her website http://www.florescence.org 


More images to follow! As always ©www.sophiemayer.com 2015

Unsuccessful experiments 

Today I tried a quick play with still life photography, it wasn’t very successful, but it is just a starting point. 


 I learnt:

  • Cats are not helpful, 
  • I have a large amount of dried petals from flowers from my husband which I need to do something with, anyone got any ideas please let me know!
  • I need to allow myself more time to set up and consider.

Thanks for reading!

©www.sophiemayer.com 2015

Making new traditions: Lobster day year 1.

This day last your on our honeymoon my husband and I eat lobster, and had such a great day we decided that we would celebrate lobster day each year. So this is the first year and we had a wonderful day! The lobster instigated:
Me walking through the fields to get lettuce and sauce
my husband giving me an orchid
us going out

Here are the pictures, my advise, make your own traditions, and makes them great!


Do more, be more, see more.


If you would like to use or share my images, please contact me directly, thanks for looking!

Saturday Addition: In awe of Bas Meeuws

I am in the process of reflecting on my own work, defining where I want to take it, and through this have been looking at my different practises (photography, painting, crafts, and teaching). This has led me to re consider still life as a theme. This is mainly due to the still life observational drawing embedded in the courses I have taught for the past 10 year. I am also considering the creation of a narrative in a photograph through the placement of objects, and have started a project photographing objects that I find define me, or are important, have emotional links, or say something about me. This project is called “object”, more info. to follow as the project develops!

During this research I found the amazing work of Bas Meeuws. (www.basmeeuws.com and www.facebook.com/basmeeuwscom)

20140222-141204.jpgimages by www.basmeeuws.com and www.facebook.com/basmeeuwscom
The reasons for loving, and selecting this work to share:
The luxurious, vivacious, aesthetic quality of his work
The re working of the tradition of Dutch still life in a way that is relevant and contemporary.
My love of flowers, and want to have his work on my walls.
This is the type of work that makes me want to go to the national gallery and study masterpieces and consider how to discuss their themes within my own work.
This work makes me want to challenge my skills as a photographer, as well as consider the care of printing with digital art.

20140222-153656.jpgimages by www.basmeeuws.com and www.facebook.com/basmeeuwscom

Awe —noun

an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like: in awe of God; in awe of great political figures.
Archaic. power to inspire fear or reverence.
Obsolete. fear or dread.
—verb (used with object)
to inspire with awe.
to influence or restrain by awe.

Here are a few images I have taken over the past few months of flowers, as well as a few of my photographic project “object”.



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Thank you to Bas for giving permission to use his images in this post, and please go and see his work,and like his Facebook page!

www.basmeeuws.com and www.facebook.com/basmeeuwscom