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Come and see me work!

I have been quiet for a while as I have been developing my business (The Arts School), raising a toddler boy, and making some work, but I am now back!

I have (for my sins) organised another group exhibition as part of the Hailsham Festival artists trail and I would love you to come and visit! It opens today 10:30-15:00

It is a group exhibition of local artists work at Moieties Barn, BN274JJ.

I am showing new and older work, alongside other local painters and sculptors.



Windsor Christmas Fair!

Come and say hello!   

Making more stock!

Next Saturday is the art market in Heathfield so I’m in making mode all week!

Today it is Gift cards made from sections of abstract canvas paintings.

£3 each (4 for £10)   ©www.sophiemayer.com 2015

Getting ready!

I am doing my first art fair on March 28th at the State Hall in Heathfield.

I will be: selling gift cards, photographs, paintings,

taking commissions for illustrations and art works for weddings, events and birthdays.

Taking enquiries and bookings for photography work.

This is the first step into living the dream of making a living from art! 

Come and support me!

© http://www.sophiemayer.com 2015


If you would like to use or share my images, please contact me directly, thanks for looking!

S4SC Showcase

It’s been super interesting at S4CS Showcase. Met some great people.

Especially love the jewellery of The Gilded lab, gift cards by a strange Fruit, and the creative agency The Refinery.

And no day can be great without a storm troop!