Venn Street Market

Today I visited the Venn Street Market to get my veggies and a little lunch. I love food markets, their vibrancy, the fresh products, and the choice. My two favourites from today are M Moen and Son’s the butchers and A G Brockman’s organic veggies. Here are a couple of pictures! If you get aContinue reading “Venn Street Market”

Beautiful England but where have all the butterflies gone?

When I was a child I remember butterflies, red admirals, peacocks, tortoiseshell (and cabbage whites). I hardly ever see any now, and blame the chemicals used in agriculture etc. BUT on my trip to Goodwood I was delighted to find lots in a giant Buddleja bush and more in a near by field! I loveContinue reading “Beautiful England but where have all the butterflies gone?”