Next course starts November 2nd!

I am running my second 6 week ONLINE course starting on Monday 2nd November. This course explores different art materials and how you can use them to create work. I will be using observational drawing as the starting point and then exploring the subject with these materials. I will be using a range of differentContinue reading “Next course starts November 2nd!”

Come and see me work!

I have been quiet for a while as I have been developing my business (The Arts School), raising a toddler boy, and making some work, but I am now back! I have (for my sins) organised another group exhibition as part of the Hailsham Festival artists trail and I would love you to come andContinue reading “Come and see me work!”

2018 – The Arts School

Wow! It’s been a long time since I posted and the reasons good! The Arts School is up and running and I am loving teaching again! Now we start the new year with lots of courses and a new teacher working with us teaching watercolour (Jo Hudson). Come and take a class and hopefully enjoyContinue reading “2018 – The Arts School”

Al Weiwei responding 

this work is just a pile of metal rods each has been taken from a building that was constructed on the cheap and collapsed in the 2008 Earthquake I think the  building was a school Lots of people died in the twisted metal, part nature part mans greed The rods have been straightened  Read more aboutContinue reading “Al Weiwei responding “

Saturday Addition: 18.01.14

The London Art Fair 2014, vast, overwhelming, underwhelming, amazing, exhausting and interesting. Worth a look but give yourself time as there is so much to see! During my visit I went to a talk on “Eric Ravilious: Modern British Art and Nostalgia – a discussion with Alan Powers and Neil Jennings”. The discussion showed aContinue reading “Saturday Addition: 18.01.14”

Saturday addiction 4 – glass

Today’s addiction is a few picture from the glass room at the V and A. To start with this area is worth a visit as it is usually quiet and peaceful and full of display cabinets brimming with glass from every era and place you can think of! Why I like glass? I love howContinue reading “Saturday addiction 4 – glass”

Saturday addiction 2 – a space for thought

SEAN HENRY: FOLLY (THE OTHER SELF) I found there was something really appealing about this work. It made me want to go up and interact with it. The figures are so life like in features, but out of proportion, they are bigger than they should be, it makes it quite uncomfortable, slightly intimidating, or belittling.Continue reading “Saturday addiction 2 – a space for thought”

Pallent house 2- Eduardo Paolozzi: Collaging Culture

Pallent House – current exhibition. Pallent house and Cass Sculpture Park is currently showing work by the Scottish/Italian artist Eduardo Paolozzi. I feel his work shows the time, post war, new consumerist goods, culture and aesthetics, popular culture, with a hint of post war depression and bad memories. The exhibition shows a good range ofContinue reading “Pallent house 2- Eduardo Paolozzi: Collaging Culture”

The Giant Blue Farmhouse Cockerel – what do you think?

“The new artwork for the Fourth Plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square, a bright blue cockerel symbolising regeneration and strength, has been unveiled. Titled Hahn/Cock, the 4.72m high piece is by German artist Katharina Fritsch and will be on display for 18 months.” I have made it to see the fourth plinth! It’s big, it’s blue,Continue reading “The Giant Blue Farmhouse Cockerel – what do you think?”

Goodwood Sculpture Park

(Goodwood) Cass sculpture park, for those that have never been, is one of the most amazing spaces I have had the honour of visiting. Set in the beautiful woodlands near Goodwood race tracks, Chichester, and the coast, the sculpture Park shows a diverse range of work, different styles, materials, genres, it is wonderful! There isContinue reading “Goodwood Sculpture Park”