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New painting 

Today I started on a new painting! 

It is an abstract landscape, it shows the movement in asthetics from the work I was producing in London (central row right), influenced by the environment I now live in (the landscape photographs).

So far I have done 2 small studies, and started drawing out the large canvas.

What do you think?

Sophie Douglas©www.sophiemayer.com


Beautiful Bexhill on Sea

 De la Warr Pavilion

Cy Twomby

Bexhill on Sea  

Please contact me to use my images, thank you!  

Gosport Marine Festival 2015

It’s busy times in Gosport with only a month to go before the Gosport Marine Festival. 

You can get in the water, there’s a food festival and live entertainment, and (best of all) an art, photography and crafts fair! 

Check out the website, like their facebook page and there is still time to be involved, just contact us


Rugby tough

Yesturday I had a lovely picnic on the beach at Seaford, East Sussex. It was pretty cold but we had a blanket and warm soup. 

The beach is next to the towns rugby pitch. 

As we sat eating, a team and its supports came onto the beach, and a team ran (fully dressed…) into the freezing sea! Brrrrrrrr! That’s rugby tough!


©www.sophiemayer.com 2015

Staycation: going to the seaside 

This week is the aniversary of my wedding 2 years ago, so my husband and I took the day to go to the coast exploring!  

Great buildings, and an antique shop full of wonders!


©www.sophiemayer.com 2015