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Starting new projects- having reflective weeks

The inspiration word for The Arts School‘s 52 week challenge this week is SELF. I am using it to reflect on where I am with my own art practise and what I want to do this year.

It’s great to spend some time stopping to look both in and out.

So far (it’s day one!) I am seeing a renewed interest in how “we” are effecting the environment around us (my BA final project was on this), story telling (which my MA thesis considered), and lots of exploring materials.

Now to start making some goals.

©️Sophie Douglas 2018


Making new traditions

This time last year I was on my honeymoon in a hotel in a Devon eating wonderful food, so I am trying to start a tradition that for this honeymoon anniversary week we do special things. Last night I attempted my first tart!

Introducing my homemade short crust pastry fig and goats cheese tart…

(Needed stronger goats cheese, and a riper fig, and maybe a little more honey, but it wasn’t bad!)

Followed by vine ripened cherry tomatoes cooked in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh basil and pepper, on grilled parmigiana toast with more fresh basil.

Daily Blogging research 5: lunch sketch by Jared

Today I am looking at Jared from lunchsketch.com

The reason I selected this blog:
1) His post from March 17th 2013 is amazing and comes with a quote that is important to me “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”
~ Wordsworth
2) I found his site through his post on 9th January 2014, this is a great activity for teaching students about proportion. The point of blogging for me is learning and sharing.
3) this is the blog that makes me try to draw everyday to develop my skills

Jared’s Q & A
Why are you doing a blog that post daily?

Well, I don’t post daily. I do post weekly (most weeks).
The reason for my blog is twofold. Firstly, it is a great visual diary for me and a way of keeping a record of my thoughts, feelings and experiences. The second reason is as a record for my kids and maybe grand kids one day.
For the first year I did not let anyone comment, because I really just wanted to use the platform for recording my sketches and thoughts. I now allow comments and whilst my twofold objective remains the main reason for blogging, in time I have also found the interaction and support of other bloggers both valuable and enjoyable.

What do you find inspires you for the content of the posts?
Sometimes movies or a piece of music, but mostly life with it’s ups and downs and pains and joys. I go with the picture says a thousand words concept and try to keep my words to a minimum in most posts.

What others blogs or projects have inspired you?
A Canvas of the Minds is a blog I proudly do some writing for (you will see the badge in my sidebar). The other contributors to this blog are truly inspirational people and do a wonderful thing in supporting others and raising mental health awareness.
IARXIV ran a little story last year about the adventures of two little pigs. Sounds odd I know, but following their adventure was strangely addictive. I was already following this blog before the story started as the posts are always quite interesting.
Elenacaravela’s Blog. Elena is unquestionably very talented and I particularly love her water colour work – there is a mysticism to a lot of her work and she seems to enjoy leaving room for individual interpretation. Enjoyable to follow and inspirational.
poppytump@number4: Poppy inspires me in the way she approaches new artistic endeavours. She seems to have no fear of failure or admitting she feels she has failed in demonstrating her work. As someone who really resists change or trying new things, I am fascinated by her tenacity. Of late she has been producing some beautiful photography, but she also has demonstrated a gift with words.

If you look at the following post, you will see me expressing gratitude for the connections and friendships I have found whilst blogging in 2013 (some other blogs are mentioned there):

What do you think you get out of it?
I get a lot out of sketching, it is very therapeutic for me. With a history of depression and anxiety, I find it helps my mind to focus and process whatever it is that I am dealing with at that particular point. But blogging has surprised me with the connections I have made with people around the world. I am introverted by nature, so not really one to seek out new friendships or social networks, yet I have inadvertently found them here.

Thank you for reading!

Images and interview kindly given by Jared from lunchsketch.com

Daily blogging research 3: Carole Fenton

Today I am looking at Carole Fenton from tumbleweedingblog.wordpress.com.

The reason I selected this blog:
1)When I first came across this blog I instantly looked up my birthday to see what had been posted, and felt like I have been given a gift (it is an image of dandelion gone to seed)
2)I love her branding (her name on the images)
3)I love the reasoning for the blog

Welcome to Tumbleweeding, a blog about craft projects, baking, photography, nature and general prettiness and what makes me happy. It’s intended to be a happy space, a little corner of the internet that’s focused on the nicer things in life. I hope that you’ll enjoy it

Why are you doing a blog that posts daily?
I wanted to be responsible for something that’s creative each and every day. It inspires me to get on with things and to create more art. Plus, I’ve been told in previous projects (This is now my third) that it inspires others to get creative so that’s always a bonus!

Carole’s Q & A
What do you find inspires you for the content of the posts?
Everything! I don’t mean that in a “creativity inspired pretentiousness” kind of way. Literally everything inspires me for 365 photography. It forces you to look at the world in a different way. The tiniest details jump out at you and changes your perspective. After the first project and photographing anything and everything, I decided to be rather more selective in what I selected. In the this third project, I’m finding I’m going through “themes” more often. Scenes, insects, I’m at the moment, paying attention to textures that surround me. Even the most seemingly mundane snapshot can attract a huge amount of love. I love the fact that you can never tell which shot is going to be popular, which one strikes a chord with people.

What others blogs or projects have inspired you?
The main reason why I started these 365 projects is one of the people I follow on twitter, an amazing hobbyist photographer, was doing one. I loved seeing his photos daily appearing in my feed and he was the inspiration for the 365 projects.

My boyfriend is a huge inspiration because he’s picked some fantastic subjects for me (he’s unwittingly been trained as my 365 “spotter”!). Some of my cousins are extremely creative both musically and artistically and seeing their creations on facebook have also been a big inspiration.

One of the main blogs I’ve been inspired by is The Dainty Squid. She has the most (seemingly) amazing life, house, cats and projects/collections. She has been a big inspiration for me to get off my backside and do more, creatively speaking.

Instagram is an enormous inspiration for me. I’m fascinated by “everyday” photography. I think there’s a lot of snobbery where photography is concerned to be honest. Yes, the selfie culture is EXTREMELY annoying, egotistical, attention whoring and vainglorious but having said that, I don’t follow anyone on social media that’s like that. But where other photography is concerned, I don’t subscribed to the theory that dictates you must be artistically minded to produce good photographs. I’m following some amazing people on instagram that produce some fascinating shots of their lives that aren’t contrived to be “great shots” but because they’re personal and relate to real life, they become great shots.

All my photography has been done on camera phones (and where the Zeiss optics on Nokias are concerned, that’s no bad thing). Sometimes when I mention this, I get eye rolls and “oh dear god” comments. But I’ve also had lots of praise for some of the shots I’ve done. But this year, I’m hopefully going to get a “proper” camera for a mixed birthday/Christmas present.

What do you think you get out of it?
I get a lot of satisfaction. It helps me calm down, gives me something to focus on, something that’s “mine”. When you have a family, a lot of you can get swallowed up by family life. You not only are “girlfriend and mother” but part of your identity is swallowed up by those roles. My photography and creative projects help to keep a part of me separate from everything else.

I also get a new perspective on what I see. Everything is looked at with the view of “would that make a good 365?” be it a texture in a tree, a brick, some previously unseen graffiti, a sign. I get a new found appreciation for my surroundings.


Thank you Carole for your time and answers!

If you missed why I have written this post then here is a quick summery:
1) research into 365 blogs to inform and inspire my own (L.U.N.C.H.)
2) Virtually meet new people
3) Share blogs I have found and really like both as a record for myself, and for others to find their work.

Thanks for reading!

Images and interview kingly given by Carole Fenton