Second hand books

In the time of Kindle and iBooks it lovely to see the second hand books stall at Southbank still attracting attention. There is something about holding a book. The feel, the smell, the age, the size, each one is different. A book gets damaged, worn, aged. You can interact with it because it is tactile.Continue reading “Second hand books”

The Alternative Guide to the Universe

The Hayward Gallery is Currently running The Alternative Guide to the Universe (11 June – 26 Aug 2013) “The Alternative Guide to the Universe explores the work of self-taught artists and architects, fringe physicists and visionary inventors, all of whom offer bracingly unorthodox perspectives on the world we live in.” The exhibition shows work thatContinue reading “The Alternative Guide to the Universe”

Save the skate park

Just incase anyone wasn’t aware, there are plans to get rid of the skate park on Southbank. I feel it is part of Southbank and would be so sad to get rid of it for more commercial spaces. There is already the full range of chain eateries, London is full of shops, we don’t needContinue reading “Save the skate park”