Saturday Addition 15: Photographing the every day

What do you photograph? I have recently seen “Only in England: Photographs by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr” (21 September 2013 – 16 March 2014 at the Science Museum, £8), and Miyako Ishiuchi “Yokosuka story” 1977 at Tate Modern ( Part of “Transformed Visions”, Level 3) and been following a friends (Arnab Ghosal) photographic projectContinue reading “Saturday Addition 15: Photographing the every day”

A few days of arty stuff with a friend!

I spent the last few days showing a friend London and doing some art. What a privilege! Here are a few pictures from days out at Tate. My friend and I will be starting a new photographic project taking weekly images. I have a plan for the studio and completing my painting project, getting aContinue reading “A few days of arty stuff with a friend!”

Roy Lichenstein exhibition

Yesterday I went to see the Lichenstein exhibition at Tate Britain. I love his work for its bold, simplistic style paintings. I most enjoyed the pieces based on the everyday moments and objects, like “Alka Seltzer,” 1966, and “the Ring (engagement)”. They make me think of order, control and neatness (with the repetitive dots), asContinue reading “Roy Lichenstein exhibition”