You can’t imagine

   You can’t imagine  You can’t describe The feeling of excitement, guilt, gratitude and pride  And being naughty , So rebellious! We are on a plane  We are actually going  France on holiday! And there is nothing wrong with him  A while more recovery from being so sick From all the machines  All the operationsContinue reading “You can’t imagine”

New blog – Little Stories by Sophie

I have a new blog/art work! Little Stories by Sophie is a story telling art project. I am interested in image and text together, and am using this as a way of exploring ideas. Within my art practise I use photography and illustration, and this blog is my virtual studio for experimenting and working outContinue reading “New blog – Little Stories by Sophie”

The daily commute 02.10.13

College friends meet and greet with monosyllabic noises Sleepy eyes and tired feet Young and old, office workers and Builders, different languages, all off to something They shuffle in lines on either side, somehow someone always in the way stopping allowing the passengers off the train first. “Is there a John Baxon someone is atContinue reading “The daily commute 02.10.13”